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What do our Users Think of ScanMail Utilities?

Anyone can make claims about their product. The real question is how do our users feel about the stopping power of the ptsfilter as it relates to junk email and viruses. This includes Ads, fraud schemes, porn, viruses, phishing attempts and any other unsolicted bulk email.

Here's what Eileen Kontrovitz of Ouachita Parish Public Library wrote:

"For years I tried my best to stop spam coming into out library email boxes by creating listings of banned IPs within Sendmail. And for a while that worked fairly well. But as more and more staff got Internet email from our system, more and more spam seemed to find us. It became obvious last year that I was fighting a losing battle and spending hours everyday looking up, identifying, reporting abuse, and entering more and more IPs into our banned list to no avail. Without exaggeration, at least 50% of our email was spam or virus laden. I began the search for an email scanner that would help put a stop to the spam. I was looking for a product that was easy to install and easy to use, had good support, and was not too expensive as our library didn't have a large amount budgeted for this.
Not only did ScanMail fill all of our requirements, but it exceeded our hopes. The ScanMail staff upgraded our Sendmail version, installed the mail scanner, and did the basic configuration. They taught me how to work with the software and make changes. But they did not leave me on my own, they continue to do system upgrades and put in new pieces like Clamav to stop virus email and SPF to identify legitimate domains and stop spoofing. Support responds promptly and efficiently to our logs and is never too busy to help. Now I spend minutes a week working on spam problems rather than hours. ScanMail has made our email experience better and safer. I highly recommend ScanMail to anyone who needs an effective way to stop the spam and virus email that takes up valuable work time and endangers the network. In my estimation it is the best return on investment this library has ever made."
For questions about ScanMail Utilites you can ask Eileen Kontrovitz

Here's what Steve Ensley of American Family Online wrote:

"American Family Online is a nationwide Internet service provider that makes every effort to protect it's subscribers from destructive Internet materials including pornography, vulgarity, violence and other illegal activities. We had developed our own web filter, but our email filtering was a problem. Anything we could find to do the job, we could not afford. Anything we could afford, could not do the job. Then searhing the Internet one day, I came across the ScanMail Utilities product. This was just the product we needed. It is flexible, powerful, effective and also available at a price we could afford. Now our subscribers are protected from the vast majority of destructive spam mail (98% or more). Support from the company has been exceptional! From the installation to the daily maintenance tuning, every known problem has been corrected quickly. Also, many enhancements suggestions have been implemented in new releases making the product even more effective for us. I could not be happier with the product and support! Thanks for being there for us ISP's!!!!"
For questions you can ask Steve Ensley

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