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We are working on the new version of the ScanMail Utilities. You can follow the progress on our ScanMail Blog

What are the ScanMail Utilities?

ScanMail Utilities are a vast collection of email filtering and administrative applications working in unison to scrub incoming and outgoing messages for spam and viruses on Unix based mail servers that use the Milter API. With well over 100 tests and features, ScanMail Utilities uses all of the basic filtering techniques such as:

  • blocking by IP address
  • blocking by domain name
  • blocking by keywords and phrases
  • blocking by blacklist
  • blocking of attatchments

  • And combines them with more acute tests like:
  • rejection by message size restriction
  • rejection if the "to" and "from" addresses are the same
  • rejection if "to" address fails to match any user on the system
  • test to see if the message sender is a valid user on the sending server
  • validates that the sending domain has a valid MX record

  • As well as several different third party filtering software including:
  • Vipul's Razor
  • ClamAV
  • DCC (Distributed Checksum Clearing House)
  • Spamcop blacklist
  • SURBL blacklist
  • Bayesian Filter

  • And much more to make the ultimate email filtering system. The capabilities and techniques of ScanMail Utilities are just too vast to list here, but can be found in the features section.

    What do you mean by "administrative functions"?

    ScanMail Utilities has several administrative features built into it. By administrative feature, we mean one that does not contribute to the filtering process. One company that purchased ScanMail Utilities utilized a feature which allowed a copy of a designated users incoming and outgoing messages to be sent to a third address from email blast software, in order to catch and prevent an employee from selling the companies secrets to a competitor. The built in administrative features assist system administrators with managing the email almost any way they choose. Some of the administrative features include but are not limited to:

  • Files containing regular expressions for keyword and phrase restriction get checked for regex errors.
  • Have a copies of the incoming and outgoing messages of designated users sent to a third address for monitoring.
  • The ability to clean out work directories through the ScanMailmd daemon.
  • The ability to have automatic deletion of rows in MYSQL Tables based on date.
  • The ability to recover any rejected message with ease.
  • The ability to rewrite outgoing messages using only the servers IP address.
  • Automatic Repair of MYSQL Tables
  • The ability to add more fields to the statistic format list
  • A web based Sendmail Configurator
  • How ScanMail Utilties helps your Business:

    1.) Protects the users on your system from spam and viruses.

    2.) Saves your business time and money lost over deleting spam messages and recovering destroyed data.

    3.) Keeps copy of all email "in" and "out" making your system compliant with the E Discovery email law effective December 1, 2006.

    4.) Makes analyzing and changing the efficiency of your blocking configuration a breeze with the Web Configurator. These include analysis of the anti-spam and anti-virus effectiveness as well as a full sendmail configurator.

    5.) Change your Sendmail settings quick and easy with the included web based Sendmail Configurator.

    6.) Recieve 12 months free remote support with ScanMail Utilities.

    As Previously mentioned, ScanMail Utilities are an extremely efficient and customizable set of email management utilities. For the system administrator, ScanMail Utilities will create a log showing the date offending messages were received, who the recipient was, when it was sent back to the sender, and a record of offending emails received from the sender. All is presented in a logical format. If you feel the message should not have been rejected, you can recover the message and deliver it to the intended user. For those who are serious about the fight against porn, spam, viruses, ads and other objectionable email content, contact us for more information about the ScanMail Utilities.

    Two Popular Concerns

  • You don't want to run the software on your current mail server without seeing the performance first?
    • We also offer email hosting. We can route your mail through our filter and then forward it onto you! Ask us for a free 15 day trial
  • You don't have a Unix system?
    • Well you don't need one! We also offer a ScanMail Utilities Email Firewall Server. Our ScanMail Utilities Email Firewall Server is a self contained filtering system complete with all of the benefits and capabilities of ScanMail Utilities and the Sendmail Configurator. Contact us for more nfo.

    For more information about the Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus capabilities of the ScanMail Utilities please contact us: [email protected] .

    ScanMail Utilities 10.0 Release available
    - For this new release you must have Sendmail 8.14.0 or above.
    - This is a free upgrade for current owners of the 8.x version or above. Go to the download area to download    the latest version of the ScanMail Utilties.
    * Note: Due to a change in Clamav, if you upgrade to Clamav 0.90, you must have ScanMail Utilities 9.0 or higher

    Do you want to try the anti-spam anti-virus fighting capabilities of the ScanMail Utilities without loading it on your system? Contact us and we can setup a test to "scrub" your mail through our server. It is easy to setup and you don't have to make any changes to your mail server. We will use one of our servers to clean your mail and pass it on to your server. For more information please contact us and we can set you up over the phone and you can judge for yourself just how effective the ScanMail Utilities really are.

    Need to upgrade your license?
    Go to the upgrade area to upgrade your license for the latest version of the ScanMail Utilities.

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