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Computer Repair
Now, ScanMail is offering yet another solution to everyone in the local area of Bel Air, Md with a computer. With well over 15 years of experience in the field, we are happy to announce that we are now prepared to meet your needs of a computer repair service for home and businesses, on Windows and Unix systems. For questions or for more information please contact us by phone or email: ; [email protected] or visit our computer repair page.

Support Contracts
Are you a System Administrator who has too much on your hands? We can help you with your projects, emergencies, and day to day system management. With over 20 years experience in Unix (includes FreeBSD, Linux, SCO, Solaris and AIX) we can help you with System Administration (kernel tuning, Sendmail, troubleshooting, etc). ScanMail can help you with programming projects (Installation, coding, tesing, etc). Need help with your networking issues (TCP/IP, Web Server, Firewalls, etc) call ScanMail.

MyScanMailMail is a flexible, easy to use, yet feature rich filtered email/webmail service. What does this mean to you? This means you can have email just about anywhere, on just about any text message capable device, without the constant harassment and complication associated spam and viruses. This includes Cell phones,PDA's, and any Web Browser. This gives access to Forums, Blogs, Wiki's, and more. You can also have your own personal domain or Web Page.

Web Hosting
It seems as if everyone is offering website hosting packages these days, and now so are we! ScanMail would now like to present web hosting service for commercial and non-commercial use at very competitive rates. Right now we are offering customers FREE domain name registration with the purchase of any hosting package.

ScanMail Utilities
- formerly known as Scanmail for Unix

How ScanMail Utilties helps your Business:
The ScanMailfilter is an email filter. The utilties were developed for anyone with a unix mail server. ScanMailfilter will save time and money by rejecting offending email. We define offending email as (1) email containing a virus, and (2) email containing objectionable content as defined by the user. Further, ScanMailfilter is effective on incoming and outgoing mail. The offending email is intercepted and sent back to the sender. Finally, for the system administrator, ScanMailfilter will create a log showing the date the offending message was received, who the recipient was, when it was sent back to the sender, and a record of offending emails received from the sender. All is presented in a logical format.


E-mail: [email protected]

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