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Sendmail Source Trees and Binaries Page

Remote installation or upgrades of ScanMail Utilities and Sendmail support are available upon request at no charge. For users with a free 15 day license there is support to configure the milter functions in Sendmail. For users with a full license there is also Sendmail support available on all issues for one year (not limited to milter support). Support can be reached through email at [email protected] or by phone

Sendmail 8.14.0 Source and binaries for FreeBSD 4.4

Sendmail 8.14.0 Source and binaries for Redhat Fedora Core 4

The Sendmail source trees in the directory have been compiled on the various Unix platforms shown using gcc. Download the tar file and and untar it.

Save your files in /etc/mail and your sendmail binary. Then if you wish to use the defaults do a make install in the Sendmail source directory and a sendmail 8.14.0 with milter support will be installed. Don't forget to add a user and group of smmsp to your system.

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