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Need information on how to configure the ScanMail Utilities? Welcome to the ScanMail Utilities support page. Here you will find information on how to convert your Scanmail for Unix to the ScanMail Utilities. Need to know which tests are most performance intensive? We have that as well. You will have all the information on all of the anti spam virus and mail management capabilties right here. Visit the manual page for complete information on all options. The configuration files page has complete information with examples on all the files used by the ScanMail Utilities. The regular expressions page will provide help with blocking spam in the message body as well as addresses and attachments.

  • Need information on Sendmail setups or MYSQL setups? It is all here. See the links below.
  • Need examples of regular expressions or sql statements? It is all here. See the links below.
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    ScanMail Regex Page    
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    Sendmail Setup    
    Sendmail Tuning    
    Sample Syslog Entries    
    ScanMail Config File

    Remote installation or upgrades of ScanMail Utilities and Sendmail support are available upon request. This includes sendmail installation or upgrade. For users with a free 15 day license there is support to configure the milter functions in Sendmail. For users with a full license there is Sendmail support available on all issues for 90 days (not limited to milter support). Support can be reached through email at [email protected], or by phone at .

    For more information about our software please contact us:
    [email protected] .

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