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Need information on how to to recover a email that was flagged as spam? How about an email that was accidentally deleted by one of your users? With the ScanMail Utilities you can perform either function. Using the ScanMail Utilities Web Configurator, you, as the system administrator can look up the lost message, get the message id and append the message to your users mailbox. Want to let your users do it? They can retrieve their messages using the ptsuser.cgi utility.


You must be saving the messages using either the message_dir or write_message
options.  If you recieve many large messages or your mysql server seems to
be loaded the recommended option is message_dir.  Ptsmail Utilities MUST
be running on the pop server.

As a message comes into the ptsfilter a copy of the message will be saved 
to the appropriate location.  This include accepted messages as well as
rejected messages.  This has the added benefit of allowing you to
rescue messages that were accidentally deleted.

As system administrator log into webconfig.cgi
Go to the Mail Utilities Page.
Click Retrieve Email.
Input the message id. (You can get this either from the stats file or 
tblmessage table).
Put in the POP email name in the username box.
Click Retieve.

The message is now in the users mailbox.

As system Administrator you can add the message to any mailbox NOT ONLY
who it was addressed to.

Users using the ptsuser.cgi script will do the same thing but will only
be able to append the message to their own mailbox.  They will logon with
their pop name and pop password.

For more information about our software please contact us:
[email protected] .

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