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What are the advantages and drawbacks of using dnsbl in the Ptsfilter verses Sendmail?

DNSDBL or Blacklist databases will perform better if in Sendmail for the simple reason they are never passed to the filter and the overhead is geatly reduced. On a heavily loaded system this my be desirable. However, under this setup you cannot use exceptions like keyword exceptions, ip exceptions or address exceptions against the blacklist check. If the Ptsfilter manages the blacklist checks then all exceptions are in place as well as checks on every IP address not just the server IP address.

Many spammers use html based messages to get through filters. Using regular expressions in the spam-list.conf file can greatly reduce the amount of html based messages that get through ptsfilter. A good example of regular expression usage is: [a-z]{1,3}[a-z]{1,9} This will block strings like: viagra casino Generic'

Using the -k command line option will enable Ptsfilter to discard junk mail without sending a reject message to the sender. This helps to save on overhead.

If Vipul's Razor appears to run slow run the following command:
razor-admin -d -create -home=/etc/razor

To get a copy of all email on an outgoing server use the exemptout option. This will make a copy but not scan and email. This will make your outgoing mail server E Discovery compliant.

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