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Need Support for ScanMail Utilities?
Our support contracts cover all phone and remote support for our ScanMail Utilities software, as well as Windows, Unix, Sendmail and other miscellenaeous requests.

Are you a System Administrator who has too much on your hands?
Not able to enjoy a vacation because there is no one else qualified to take care of your system? Wouldn't it be nice if there was a technical reference on call to help with projects and emergencies? Would you like to have a backup technician when you are out of the office? Then call Phoenix Technologies and Solutions. We can help you with your projects, emergencies, and day to day system management. With over 20 years experience in Unix (includes FreeBSD, Linux, SCO, Solaris and AIX) we can help you with System Administration (kernel tuning, Sendmail, troubleshooting, etc). ScanMail can help you with programming projects (Installation, coding, tesing, etc). Need help with your networking issues (TCP/IP, Web Server, Firewalls, etc) call ScanMail. Put us to the test with any questions and any project. If you need it, we can do it. We are here to help you.

Call us or e-mail us at [email protected]

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Some current companies using Phoenix Technologies and Solutions for Support and Services;
Healthcare Data Management, Inc.    WWW     email

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